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About Us

Discover Solar is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. We install solar panels to homes and businesses throughout Australia and have an amazing track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Discover Solar is a high quality retailer, designer & installer of both residential and commercial solar PV rooftop systems. We are committed to providing the right solution to each and every customer by tailoring our systems to their individual needs.

At Discover Solar we regard each customer as an important part of our business. We pride ourselves in providing advice, support and service where and when it’s needed. Most importantly the installation quality of our Solar PV products is managed by experienced electrical technicians and engineers.

As well as the environmental benefits of solar power, we understand that an important driver for choosing to install solar PV is to save money. The design team at Discover Solar will analyse our customers’ electricity bills and electricity usage profile ensuring your system provides the best financial return.

Of course, purchasing a solar PV system is a long-term commitment so the reliability of the components and the entire system is critically important. 

Need Financing?

Our Solar Specialists will design a solar energy system that meets the energy needs of your household. This means you will be redirecting your spending away from your energy retailer and be paying less in repayments than you would have been in electricity – allowing you to save some money!​​