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      Solar Inverters
      Harnessing the sun’s power!
      Solar Inverters
      Choosing a quality solar inverter system for your home is crucial in receiving the maximum return on investment. At Discover Solar, we associate with manufacturers that have been in this industry for several years and can be trusted. We recommend only the best solar inverters to our customers. The primary role of a solar inverter is to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) that can be directly used in our homes. In addition, it also helps in maximizing power output and ensuring safe system operation. Our team of CEC accredited electricians make sure that the installation process is done correctly with no corners being cut. Choosing the best solar inverters in Australia is definitely beneficial in the long run. We suggest the one that will be most appropriate for your home!
      Brands We Work With
      Founded in 2011 by a group of Pioneers in the global PV industry, Growatt was established with a vision to build a sustainable and green future. We design, develop, and manufacture energy storage products, PV inverters, EV chargers, smart energy management systems, and others. Trusted by millions of global customers, we globally rank among the top three PV inverter suppliers. In particular, we are the world’s largest supplier of user-side energy storage inverters in terms of shipment volume and we globally rank number one in residential inverter suppliers. Our business spans across 160 countries and regions. In addition to supplying the best solar inverters in Australia, we have set up 41 personalized offices across the globe to provide localized service support in order to improve our service efficiency for our customers.
      The name ‘Solis’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘sol solis’ which literally translates to the ‘Sun.’ We are one of the very first companies to enter the Australian market and after so many years in the industry, we continue to assist our consumers in harnessing the power of the sun. Our new range of solar inverters uses the latest technology from Ginlong technologies. As we have our own in-house manufacturing facility, we continually bring improvement and maintain strict control over quality assurance. We make sure that our customers get to experience long and reliable services during our normal office hours for five days a week. A 5-year 'out of the box' warranty is included with Solis. In addition, you can extend the warranty by five years, which would give you a total of 10 years of coverage.
      Goodwe is one of the largest PV inverter and energy storage solutions in the world. We have more than 4000 employees situated worldwide and are globally ranked as the no. 1 for storage inverter by Wood Mackenzie in 2020. Our company offers a wide portfolio of products and solutions for commercial, residential, and utility-scale PV systems. Goodwe ensures that the quality and performance of our products go hand-in-hand across the entire range. We have established service centers worldwide and an integrated service system, thus aiming to offer support not only to our Australian customers but worldwide. Our services will include technical training, project consulting, on-site support, and after-sales service.
      With over 269 GW installed worldwide as of June 2022, Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd is the world’s most bankable inverter brand. Established in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, our company has become a leader in the research and development of solar inverters. Sungrow offers PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for commercial, utility-scale, industrial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized NEV driving solutions, floating PV plant solutions, EV charging solutions, and renewable hydrogen production systems. We at Sungrow are committed to ensuring clean power for all and strive to become the global leader in clean power conversion technology by providing a wide range of solutions and services.
      With more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology, Huawei offers leading smart and leading PV solutions. By integrating AI and Cloud, Huawei further incorporates many latest ICT technologies with PV for optimal power generation, thus enabling the solar power plant to be highly efficient, safe, and reliable with smart operation and management and grid support capabilities, setting the stage for solar energy to become the main energy source in the future. For users of solar energy, our company has launched advanced solutions for C&I and residential customers based on the concept of ‘optimal electricity cost and active safety.’ Our motto is to bring continuous innovation in renewable energy to empower every home, individual, and organization.
      Since 1945, our passion for new technologies, revolutionary solutions, and intensive research has been shaping our Fronius brand. We develop and implement innovative methods to monitor and control energy for welding technology, photovoltaics, and battery charging as the technology leader. Our products range from 1.5 to 100 kW which guarantees suitability for virtually any system size- from a family home to a large-scale system. With a clear vision, an unrelenting spirit of innovation, and an ingrained sense of quality, we continue to push the limits of what is possible and set market trends.
      Being a world leader in the field of solar inverter manufacturing, Solaredge delivers best-in-class efficiency. Simply put, more efficiency means more power and more savings. We offer up to 300% oversizing for greater yield. Our customers can also add more backup, EV charging, and panels as the needs of your family change. With our manufacturing unit set up in Canada and headquarters in Israel, Solar edge designs and produces inverters, power optimizers, and storage solutions for everything ranging from residential to commercial and small utility-scale solar power installations. Our PV inverter is specifically designed to work with Solaredge power optimizers. As a result, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) at the module level ensures maximum power production and limits the effects of shading or degradation on module mismatch.
      Since the 1990s, ABB has been your expert solar partner, with a global presence and expertise ranging from solar systems to grid connections and microgrids. We offer the most comprehensive range of systems, products, solutions, and services to optimize the performance, return, and reliability of the investment of any solar installation - from residential rooftops to industrial and commercial applications and utility-grade power plants. Around 110,000 talented employees in over 100 countries contribute to ABB's 130-year history of excellence. With its electrification, robotics, automation, and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to deliver breakthrough performance.
      Solar inverters from SMA are highly efficient and meet any grid specifications in any size and power class. The innovative technology used by us ensures that the operation and installation of PC plants is reliable, simple, and most importantly, cost-effective. The SMA solar technology was established in 1981 to increase the use and availability of photovoltaics. Our German company has since then advanced to become a global leader in this field. SMA has over 20 years of experience manufacturing and developing inverters for wind and solar, so you know you're getting quality and reliability you can trust.
      With GE Solar, you're part of the evolution of cleaner, more secure, and more customer-focused energy. With years of experience and a deep bench of solar industry talent, GE Solar provides residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients with customized PV energy solutions. Through its analysis, design, finance, and commercial operation, GE Solar provides long-term economic value to its customers.
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        solar inverters types

        String Inverters
        These are the most common type of inverters and also the most cost-effective. String inverters are so named because they connect solar panels through strings - and each string connects to the inverter. They are suitable for homes that are exposed to sunlight most of the time and where the layout of the roof is straightforward. String inverters usually come with a warranty period of 5 to 10 years.
        These types of inverters have a small inverter attached to the back of each panel. This makes the entire solar power system more efficient as there is an absence of even a single point of failure. Even if one micro inverter fails, the entire system will continue to work. They provide panel-level monitoring and optimization along with 25 years of warranty. Microinverters are suitable for homes that have a complex roof layout and which receive high levels of shading.
        Hybrid Inverters
        These types of inverters are multi-mode as it allows plugging batteries into the solar power system. By using a technique called 'DC coupling', a hybrid inverter interfaces with the battery and coordinates its charging and discharging. They work extremely well, especially when combined with battery storage.
        Optimiser Systems
        With optimiser systems, each panel's power output can be optimised independently and at a very low cost. Each panel has DC power optimisers attached to the back which optimise its performance and ensure that if one panel is partially shaded or compromised in any way, the performance of the remaining panels won't be affected. Optimiser Systems usually come with a 25-year warranty. They are perfect for complex roof layouts and partially shaded roofs.


        What is the best solar inverter in Australia?
        Fronius | ABB | GoodWe | Microtek | Hitachi | TMEIC
        6.6kw solar system with 5kw inverter
        To make up a 5kW solar system, you need 12 solar panels, assuming you use 415W panels – that will actually give you 4.98kW. Each panel will be about 1.8 metres x 1.1 metres, so you’ll need at least 23.7m² of roof space.
        Solar inverters Australia
        The primary role of a solar inverter is to convert the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) that can be directly used in our homes. In addition, it also helps in maximizing power output and ensuring safe system operation.