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      Complaint Handling Procedure
      Discover Solar is committed to offering top-notch services and products. We also think that consumer input is important for ensuring that our goods and services are continually improved. We try our best to respond to any feedback quickly and effectively and improve the customer experience. However, sometimes clients who are dissatisfied with the services or products may complain to us. Our goal is to set up a system to handle client complaints honestly and quickly.
      The policy applies to every employee who receives or handles consumer complaints about our products or services.
      Complaint Management System mechanism and procedure
      We have a dedicated customer service team that serves as the initial point of contact for submitting any complaints regarding the products and services we offer. Every complaint filed with the customer service team will be resolved at the initial interaction. The priority of the problem will determine how urgently the complaints are evaluated. If there is an imminent threat to safety or security, the matter will be dealt with as soon as possible. Except for complaints of an urgent matter, all other complaints will have their resolution supplied within 21 working days after the date of the complaint (verbal or written). If for any other reason the investigation takes longer than expected, we will make sure to let the customers know in writing and make every effort to remedy the issue within 45 working days of the initial complaint. The concern will be raised to the Operations Manager if the customer is unsatisfied with the solution given by the service team.
      Complaint governing bodies outside Discover Solar
      Customers have the option to take their complaint to the Clean Energy Council or one of the other governing bodies listed below if they are not happy with the solutions provided by Discover Solar. In such situations, the following information will be needed:
      • Discover Solar project number
      • Full Name
      • Contact No
      • Discover Solar representative Name
      • Complaint type
      • Steps taken to resolve the issue or complaint
      • solution requested by the customer
      • Copies of letters sent and received by Discover Solar
      • Solution provided by Discover Solar
      • Expected solution