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      Ensure good performance for longer
      You invested in solar to save yourself from rising power costs, right? Then you must not underestimate periodic solar system maintenance. It is essential to perform maintenance at regular intervals to maximize your solar system's performance throughout its lifespan. As part of our commitment to our customers, Discover Solar reminds them to perform routine maintenance. We also provide comprehensive maintenance and repairs for all solar panel systems across Melbourne and Sydney.
      Repair & Maintenance
      Solar Service & Maintenance
      It includes maintenance & inspection of all equipments and energy monitoring system.
      Repair & Maintenance
      Solar Repairs & Upgrades
      Solar system upgradation and all sorts of equipment repairs we offer.
      Repair & Maintenance
      Specialist CEC Accredited Retailer
      We are an experienced retailer certified by Clean Energy Council.
      Our Solar System Maintenance Process
      We follow a specific procedure, to ensure that your Solar System is operating at its best.
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      step 2
      step 3
      Repair & Maintenance
      solar health analysis
      • A careful analysis of your system's current condition highlights any issues that might exist currently or in the future.
      • A qualified assessment and a price quote for any required modifications or repairs. Maintenance reports may be necessary if you have to make a warranty claim and the manufacturer asks for documentation of regular maintenance inspections to back up the warranty.
      what needs to be checked?
      • Examine the inverter and record the results.
      • The installation VOC test and ISC test results
      • Radiation and insulation resistance
      • Check the configuration, specs, and array earthing of the panels for visual defects.
      • Inspect the frames and the racking's corrosion after installation.
      • Inspect the conduit, connections, and cable condition.
      • Inspect the roof's fasteners.
      • Debris and other fire dangers should be removed, and junction boxes should be checked for rainwater on isolators.
      • Check for any leaks or roof damage.
      • Verify the AC and DC isolators' connections, ratings, brand, polarity, and integrity.
      • MSB should be examined regarding the size, connections, and meter placement of CB and AC wires.
      • Give a detailed report with the test results, illustrations, recommendations, and a cost (if required)
      Repair & Maintenance
      Solar conditioning Check
      • Our Expert Goal Your solar electrician will provide you with unbiased, expert advice on how to modify or repair your system so that it operates at peak efficiency and can meet all of your energy requirements in the present and into the future.
      get more information on all of our maintenance services
      • System outages or maintenance due to low generation cleaning up storm damage
      • repairing faulty installations
      • Replacement or repair of isolators or the panel
      • Replacement or repair of the inverter
      • Replacement or repair of a DC connection
      • Replacement or repair of conductors and conduits, repair of the damaged earthing systems for solar panels
      • Repair and replacement of corrosion-damaged components
      • Roof fixings and frame components should be repaired and replaced.
      • Repairing and replacing broken solar monitoring system
      • Repair and replacement for warranty claims
      • Relocation of the panel, inverter, and batteries
      Repair & Maintenance
      prepare for regular maintenance
      • Solar panels normally come with a 25-year performance warranty, whilst the inverter typically comes with a 10-year warranty. However, without routine maintenance, the system's effectiveness and output are not guaranteed.
      • Regular checks can guarantee the functionality of your system for a long time and assist you in avoiding costly failures.
      • Each scheduled inspection will come with a thorough condition report.
      • You can choose a yearly or biennial maintenance schedule.
      • Maintenance reports may be necessary if you have to make a warranty claim and the manufacturer asks for documentation of regular maintenance inspections to back up the warranty.
      Industry Recognition
      Our expert solar electricians are CEC-accredited installers and designers, and Discover Solar is a CEC member and CEC retailer. We maintain your solar system in accordance with the strictest guidelines established by the sector.
      Repair & Maintenance
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        what can over time decrease your system's efficiency?
        What could damage your inverters?
        Solar inverters are subject to overheating because they produce their own heat, especially in Australia’s hot environment. For instance, a Fronius inverter features an integrated fan for cooling, which can considerably extend the life of your inverter. In order to maintain efficient AC power production, it’s also essential to make sure your inverter is appropriately protected from direct sunlight during the day.
        Because of loose connections and wiring, an inverter may arc. Explosions or fires may occur as a result of the electrical energy release known as an electrical arc. If connections are regularly inspected and tightened, your inverter will operate more securely and efficiently.
        Why are there hotspots on solar panels?
        Electric current is generated as the sun shines on solar panels. Microcracks, improperly soldered connections, and significant accumulations of dirt and leaves, among other solar panel faults, can cause an uneven distribution of heat and the development of hot spots. These may ultimately start a fire, leaving “burn marks” on the panel.
        What could damage solar panels?
        A panel could be shattered by falling objects or tree branches, resulting in noticeable damage that would require panel replacement. Wind, hail, or lightning can all cause small outward damage to solar panels, which can then progress to underlying structural problems that are harder to detect but have a major impact on a panel’s overall output.
        Can rain clean solar panels?
        Significant rain will aid in clearing daily filth and dirt from your slanted solar panels. Rain won’t wash away heavy dirt, dehydrated animal droppings, or leaves, and it won’t make your solar panel clean either. Since flat panels can’t naturally drain water, routine cleaning is required. In every system, cleaning can reduce hotspots and microcracks, extend lifespan, and enhance overall performance.