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      ev charger
      Say Goodbye To Low Battery!
      ev charger
      With Discover Solar, we lay the foundation for a world that is smarter, more reliable, and emission-free for all. The companies we partner with are pioneers of electric vehicle charging technology, offering fast, safe, and easy charging systems for electric vehicles that are continuously evolving. Our team of experts will help you choose the right EV charger installation station that is straightforward and easy to use. The recommendations given by us will cover both commercial and residential needs. Get in touch with our qualified team so that they can assist you with getting an EV charging station for your use.
      Brands We Work With
      Emko electric is always at the forefront of renewable energy practices as we deeply care about the environment. We specialize in the production of car chargers for electric cars and hybrids – both in business and in homes. We have developed both the infrastructure and car chargers across Australia and can advise you on which brand and set-up would be most appropriate for your needs.
      Delta offers a diversified range of portfolios including AC chargers, DC chargers, and charging site management systems. In order to optimize charging service and energy efficiency, we provide smart-charging infrastructure solutions that combine EV charging with distributed energy resources.
      Wallbox is dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy. Our smart charging systems combine cutting-edge technology with outstanding design, managing the communication between car and charger with an easy-to-use app.
      With 35,000 superchargers, Tesla operates and owns the fastest charging network in the world. Superchargers keep your vehicles charged when you are far away from home; thus, we are located on all major routes near convenient amenities. You can simply plug in, charge and off you go! A Tesla wall connector gives you full charge support without leaving the comfort of your home. Wall Connector provides convenient, fast charging for every homeowner and tenant at any time of the day as it is easily installed in various homes designed for indoor and outdoor use. Any property can be instantly upgraded with Tesla Wall Connectors by providing convenient charging for homeowners, tenants, and guests.
      Zappi has come up with a smart EV charger tool to make a difference. Besides its standard EV charging capabilities, it has a green energy charging mode that uses 100% renewable solar or wind power. Besides increasing the return on investment for your electric car and panels, Zappi is quite easy to install and user-friendly. With the first solar EV charger of its kind, our innovative team designed a system that lets you control your electric car charging experience. When paired with the energy app, our consumers can timers to utilize tariffs on the economy, monitor devices, use the boost function, and so much more!
      By driving an electric car, you are making an important contribution to improving sustainability. And, if you can charge your car easily and affordably with self-generated solar electricity, that’s even better. The SENEC EV chargers enable you to use the solar electricity generated by your PV system to charge your electric car. This in turn means you use more of your self-generated electricity, cut your electricity costs and take another step towards a sustainable supply of electricity.
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      • Wallbox EV Charger
      • Tesla EV Charger
      • Zappi EV Charger
      • SENEC EV Charger

        A drive to the gas station? No, thanks. Talk to our expert to install your charging station today.

        ev charger types

        Residential EV Charger
        On average 90% of Australians charge their electric vehicle at home. Our residential EV chargers are smart and secure. Unlike the typical, sluggish portable chargers in most vehicles, our Australian-certified and high-quality EV charging stations can recharge your vehicle up to 10X faster than those in most other cars.
        Commercial EV Charger
        For an organization/firm with a solar system installed, an EV Charging station is an added benefit. It shows that your business is conscious about environmental conservation and acts accordingly. Installing EV charging at your commercial encourages your employees and customers to zero transmission transportation.


        Solar EV Charger
        SolarEdge is the first solar inverter manufacturer to produce a combined solar inverter and EV charger that can either charge from solar only or from solar and the grid simultaneously at a rate of up to 7.4kW.
        EV Charger Installation Melbourne
        If everything goes to plan and the installer doesn’t need to perform unexpected tasks, the installation of your EV charger will normally take around two hours. However, it’s best to allow for the work to take anywhere between two to six hours, just in case other factors come into play.
        Best Home EV Charger Australia
        Emko, Delta, Wallbox, Tesla, Zappi, SENEC is best known for solar inverters, welding and industrial lead-acid battery chargers. But Fronius do offer the Wattpilot EV charger – which comes in 3 versions, all untethered: 11KW, 22kW, and a portable 22kW unit. Ronald has written up a detailed Wattpilot review here.