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      Reverse Cycle - Split Systems
      Efficient Cooling, Cozy Heating - One System for All!
      Reverse Cycle - Split Systems
      Welcome to Discover Solar, where we help you beat the heatwaves of summer and the chills of winter with our cutting-edge Reverse Cycle Split System. Reverse cycle Split System air conditioning can be used for both heating and cooling options, making them a perfect choice for keeping your home at the right temperature all year round, no matter the season. The systems offered by us are designed to give you the ultimate comfort. Our Reverse Cycle Split Systems offer an optimal heating experience and soothing cooling performance all by using the least amount of energy. Having partnered with the best manufacturers in Australia, we offer top-of-the-line systems that are affordable and reliable. Let us empower you to enjoy every season to the fullest while making a positive impact on our environment all while making a step toward a sustainable future, embrace the power of Discover Solar today.
      Brands We Work With
      One of the world's top providers of air conditioning systems, Carrier was established in 1902 by Willis Carrier, the creator of modern air conditioning. By using contemporary air conditioning to regulate the indoor atmosphere, Willis Carrier overcame one of humanity's most difficult problems. His creation opened up numerous sectors and improved personal comfort, health, and productivity on a global scale.Today, the business that Willis Carrier built is still revolutionizing the sector and influencing how we live. With its energy-efficient products and production techniques, Carrier is a leader in the sector. It creates new solutions every day that are based on sustainability and energy efficiency and that increase productivity around the globe.
      Daikin is one of the most well-known brands of air conditioners in Australia, and its products are used in a variety of residences, commercial buildings, and civic initiatives. Since they have been heating and cooling Australian houses for more than 50 years, they are accustomed to coping with the tough climate's extremes. At Daikin, they know that feeling comfortable is what makes any location seem like "home," and as experts, they take pride in creating products that offer excellent, clean, and efficient comfort in the settings where people live, work, and play.
      Established in 1935, Fujitsu is recognized as one of the world’s leading socially responsible brands. Their mission is to increase social trust via innovation in order to create a more sustainable world. They will make sure to improve their societal awareness in order to achieve the Fujitsu Group Purpose while also making agile changes and adding value. They support customers in 180 countries including Australia with a wide range of products, services, and solutions, while also employing almost 130,000 people.
      The Haier Group, which was founded in 1984, is a leader in the provision of solutions for a lovely life. The notion of "prioritizing people's value" is one that Haier consistently upholds in its innovation and entrepreneurial processes. The Rendanheyi Model was suggested by Mr. Zhang Ruimin, chairman of the Haier Group Board of Directors and CEO. Its modern attributes, universality, and social traits have led to cross-industry and cross-cultural fusion and replication.For twelve years running, Haier has been ranked first among world home appliance brands by Euromonitor. Its subsidiary Haier Smart Home Co., Ltd. is one of the Fortune Global 500 Companies, and Haier COSMOPlat is chosen by ISO, IEEE, and IEC to head the development of global standards for large-scale customization models. Haier COSMOPlat also tops the industrial-Internet platforms of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Haier's ecosystem brand and Rendanheyi Model are setting the standard for the IoT era.
      Mitsubishi Electric manufactures high-quality electronic and electrical products - both for commercial and residential purposes. Since 1967, they have managed to touch so many lives apart from providing premium air-conditioners.They are a well-known global leader in the production, promotion, and sale of electrical and electronic equipment used in data processing and communications, satellite communications and space development, consumer electronics, business technology, energy, transportation, and building equipment.
      The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand has been providing engineering excellence for more than 130 years. It is known for its exceptional air conditioning equipment and is instantly recognized for its high quality and cutting-edge technology.Utilizing cutting-edge technology and drawing on their experience in the energy, space, aviation, automotive, and environmental sectors, innovation is at the heart of both their business and the manufacturing of air conditioning solutions.
      Panasonic has spent more than a century emphasizing product innovation and enhancing people's lives. The primary goal of Panasonic is to keep strengthening their relationships with their partners as they advance in the dynamic twenty-first century and to keep working towards a better living and a better future for their consumers. This attitude involves offering a wide variety of solutions to households and businesses across Australia. For great indoor air quality and comfort from summer to winter, Panasonic's air conditioning is available throughout Australia and includes innovative nanoeTMX Air Purification technology. Their market-leading goods now provide cutting-edge technologies to improve Australians' quality of life and assist people in overcoming obstacles both at home and abroad.
      Australians have benefited from the comfort, convenience, and dependability of Rinnai appliances for more than 50 years. Victoria is home to three of Rinnai's best production facilities in Australia, which are supported by a strong national sales and distribution network. This Australian company has developed into a "center of excellence" for Rinnai Corporation globally in particular technologies and conducts a substantial amount of R&D and product development on behalf of Rinnai subsidiaries worldwide.Today, Rinnai has developed into a reputable household name associated with dependability and quality as well as one of Australia's top industry suppliers and innovators for hot water, heating, cooling, and commercial equipment.
      With a commitment to offering consumers in Australia cutting-edge technology and unmatched cooling solutions, Samsung Australia is a well-known name in the air conditioner manufacturing sector. They have built a reputation for delivering exceptional performance, dependability, and energy efficiency because of a strong history of invention and a dedication to excellence.Each Samsung air conditioner is expertly manufactured and adheres to the highest quality standards thanks to their modern production facilities in Australia. They take great pride in their meticulous testing procedures, which ensure long-lasting performance and durability even in the harshest Australian climates.From advanced cooling technologies to smart features that enhance convenience and energy management, our products are designed to deliver optimal comfort while minimizing environmental impact.
      Toshiba Australia is a trusted and renowned name in the air conditioner manufacturing industry, dedicated to providing reliable and efficient cooling solutions to customers nationwide. With a legacy of technological excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, they have established themselves as a leading brand in the market.Their cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in Australia uphold the highest standards of quality, ensuring that each Toshiba air conditioner is built with precision and reliability in mind. They prioritize rigorous testing processes to guarantee durability and superior performance, even in the most demanding Australian climates.
      • Carrier
      • Daikin
      • Fujitsu
      • Haier
      • Mitsubishi Electric
      • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
      • Panasonic
      • Rinnai
      • Samsung
      • Toshiba

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