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      Heat Pumps
      Sustainable heating solution for your home
      Heat Pumps
      When you have an efficient heat pump, you can relax knowing that your heat pump installation can generate hot water within seconds. As opposed to traditional systems, the new technologically-advanced pumps heat the water quickly, reduce carbon monoxide, and help to lower power bills. The pump's tank can hold up to 260 liters of water (about the size of a bathtub), solving all your water-related issues during the winter. Discover Solar has partnered with authorized retailers to provide heat pump installations to both residential and commercial sectors. Our cost-effective solutions are easy to use and equipped with the latest features so that you can get a constant supply of hot water without any interruption at any given moment. In addition, you can also increase your savings by claiming for a solar hot water rebate (subject to certain terms and conditions).
      How to receive your new hot water system installation?
      Heat Pumps
      Hop on a call or fill up the inquiry form to explore your options and the rebates available for you.
      Heat Pumps
      Once you are done with the registration, one of our professional experts will get in touch with you for the consultation process and select the best one as per your need.
      Heat Pumps
      The installation process is done on a scheduled day and time.
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      Hot water holds an important place in any household and can often be taken for granted. Did you ever wonder how much your hot shower is costing you? Considering the cost of heating hot water for your home, you may not realize that this can account for almost a quarter of your monthly electricity bill.Thus, we have come up with iStore. As compared to conventional electric or gas storage systems, the iStore heat pump reduces hot water heating consumption by approximately two-thirds. In addition, it also helps to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 4 tonnes.The iStore has revolutionized the way in which Aussie’s can produce hot water at their home by using the most renewable source of energy - air. We help you save thousands of dollars as well as contribute towards the betterment of society.
      Apricus Australia is one of the leading manufacturers of providing versatile, innovative, and efficient hot water solutions. Established in 2005, our primary focus is to offer products that have a minimalistic design, are easy to install, and are innovative and good in quality. Apricus was a nominee for several Telstra Business Awards, twice included in Smart Company's list of the 50 Smartest Businesses in Australia, and recognized by BRW as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies and as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies. In 2009, Apricus won the HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Industry Innovation Award and was named the year's top environmental and sustainability supplier by Wine Industry Suppliers Australia.
      With over 14 years of experience in the hot water heat pump industry, Reclaim energy is an Australian-owned company that primarily focuses on providing heat pump solutions. Our passion is providing Australian families and businesses with energy-efficient and sustainable hot water solutions. Our goal is to reduce your environmental impact while saving you money on your hot water needs. With our established track record and reputation for providing individual advice, we are committed to product innovation and next-generation technology. Since we live in your neighborhood, we understand your seasons, we listen to your needs, and this drives us to develop products that endure and perform better than others.
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