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      Throughout Australia, a significant number of commercial panel installations have been sold under the presumption of "set and forget." This refers to the notion that the solar system will operate faultlessly for the majority of its design life once it has been installed.Consequently, it should not be surprising that commercial solar maintenance is frequently seen to be a reactive process that is only required after a system fault has arisen and solar repairs are necessary. It should not be surprising that regular upkeep and assessments of your solar panels are crucial to their efficient and secure operation, just like the majority of other assets on a facility. This is why industry organizations like the Clean Energy Council strongly advise that it be carried out. Australian Standard 5033 should be followed when conducting these inspections.

      Why is the maintenance of commercial solar essential?

      Since solar PV modules generate power, they are bound to be subjected to extremities of weather. Various issues such as wind, heat, hail, or rain can degrade the performance of the panel over time and can also lead to various safety concerns. You can detect some performance faults by actively monitoring the performance of your system, but for the most part, you'll have to get an in-person assessment done.

      What are the common issues in commercial systems?

      Some of the most frequent issues that are observed across the industry as a whole include poor management of cables, loose wire terminations, inadequate safeguarding of parts from adverse weather, inverters failing to function, and broken or damaged panels. System failure, disruptions and rapid component degradation are thus frequent occurrences. Many of these problems require a thorough examination of the solar panels as they cannot be detected by remote monitoring alone.Component failures might result in significant downtime losses and risks on site. Even if the photovoltaic system connected to the inverter works smoothly, a failure with the inverter might render the entire installation of the panels useless. The energy output of all nearby solar power modules could be influenced by a single faulty module, potentially resulting in a substantially reduced energy output from the system.

      How frequently should commercial panels be serviced?

      It is recommended that in order to get the most out of your investment, get your commercial panels serviced at least once in a year by a CEC-accredited installer. The performance of the panels, its safety, durability, and its efficiency - all depend on the regular maintenance of the system.The performance of the system can be affected by a lot of factors. Various issues such as accumulation of lichen, hard water, beeswax, pollen, dust, or other debris can influence the productivity of the system resulting in wear and tear, corrosion, and deterioration.

      What exactly do manufacturers suggest?

      Major inverter and panel producers strongly support the idea of "Preventative Maintenance" in relation to solar in addition to solar repair work, both in Australia and worldwide. It is so much more than just cleaning the panels. A well-maintained solar power system can increase returns by up to 30% and hasten the initial investment's payback.Numerous actions taken as part of a preventive system maintenance strategy can considerably raise system efficiency, uptime, and safety. This method is essential for seeing problems and dangers that a monitoring platform cannot, such as frayed cables, corroded mounting, cracked seals, and dust/debris accumulation in the system's hard-to-reach places.Industries Services Group advises performing an electrical inspection and, in many cases, cleaning the solar panels. Inverters, isolation and protection devices, fuse enclosures, mounting frameworks, and solar modules will all be examined as part of the electrical inspection.Additionally, the linked cables and terminations are examined for signs of wear, heat discoloration, and hotspots. Additionally, in order to lessen the chance of a fire, the warning placards are checked, and the air filters, heat sinks, and fans are examined to make sure they are clean and dust-free.

      Final words

      Discover Solar, one of the most popular renewable energy companies in Australia, offers the best-quality commercial panels. Our collection of commercial solar panels can lower operational costs for your business, provide value by locking in electricity rates, and give you more control over your energy usage.
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